Texture Challenges

Texture Tuesday – February 7, 2012


This week’s challenge. Use any Kim Klassen texture

Hope - kk_Lily texure with multiply blend mode
Dare to Be Different - kk_tapedEdge Texture, layer 1 soft light, layer 2 multiply

Texture Tuesday – January 24, 2012


This week’s challenge: a photo with theme “story” and at least one texture:

Photo 1: I added two layers of kk_taped edge texture in multiply blend mode at 100% and one layer of kk_autumnBurst in soft light blend mode at 50%


Photo 2: I added 2 layers of kim klassen paper stain, the first layer in overlay blend mode at 50%, the second layer in soft light blend mode at 60%

Through the eyes of children

Texture Challenges from Kim Klassen Kitchen:

1.  Red Shed – starting with Kim’s photo (below) apply textures/edits to creatively modify

Kim's Original Photo

2.  My edits

a. Added layer grungy mask.png (from kk skinny mini class) overlay blend mode, 55% opacity

b. Cloned out distractions on shed and snow

c. Added black and white layer  – normal blend mode, 50% opacity

d. Saturation layer to desaturate blues, increase red saturation

e. Added texture layer – breakfree – hard light blending mode 24% opacity

f.  Added photo filter layer – warming filter – overlay blending mode 80% opacity

g. Added text layer

Red Shed Altered with layers and edits

8 Replies to “Texture Challenges”

  1. Wow, Marilyn.. your texture work on Kim’s photo presents some pretty amazing results. I too am a part of her SkinnyMini Class and noted you were also from Minnesota, so wanted to just stop by and take a peak at your site.
    I too am from Minnesota. Hope to learn some of the techniques that you seem to already have accomplished in the upcoming weeks ahead. I just got my PSE10 for Christmas, so am a newbie.

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